Apple-Glazed Uncured Ham

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Food Should Be Real. And This Uncured Ham Is. Real Meat. Real Ingredients. Real Cookin'.

AppleOur Apple-Glazed Uncured Ham is raised-without-antibiotics - An unprocessed, single cut of real meat, deep-marinated with spiced apple juice, and glazed with natural brown-sugar and spiced-apple juice then hand-netted and slow-roasted.

Whether grilled up with eggs, sliced cold for salads or sandwiches or hand-carved for dinner - this Uncured Ham is a modern classic!

What makes it so special? One piece of real meat (hams nowadays - especially so-called "natural" or uncured brands - seldom are). Hand netted and hung in the smokehouse like people on farms all over the South have done for centuries. You won't find that at most deli counters! Then there's the natural spiced apple juice marinade and glaze, with no added chemicals of any kind. We've completely replaced cynical marketing claims with actual food. Bold plan - we know. Only from NYDP. We admit, it's not a traditional approach - making something completely natural and completely delicious...respecting the ingredients and respecting the customer...telling the truth and all. But we're hoping integrity will catch on.