Corned Beef

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Celebrating New York's Finest

sm_cornedbeef-croppedOur top-quality choice beef briskets, whole or first-cut half, offer a variety of tastes and textures from the golden age of deli. The extra lean and meaty first cut, and the luxurious point and deckle in just the right proportions. See why Corned Beef became famous way back when.

What makes it so special? Unlike most, we never pump our corned beef full of extra water. Our product weighs less than the meat we started with. We’re selling meat, not water as has become standard in the business. Many brands retain 20% added water or more.

Gently cured and hand-rubbed with our special blend of 15 exotic spices, this corned beef has a delicately balanced flavor profile and won’t assault your taste buds with salt like most today.

With corned beef, there’s no smoke and heavy spice to hide behind. Texture, aroma, and subtle spice tell the story. Only the very best is good enough to meet our standard for corned beef. We loved this corned beef so much, that now we’ve started making the world’s only fresh, griddle-ready hash for use at home.