Fireside Roast Turkey

A single turkey breast. Raised without antibiotics & no artificial ingredients.

Cooked, not processed.

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Completely natural, completely delicious.

Fireside-Roast-TurkeyOur All-Natural Fireside Roast Turkey is Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused, Extra-Savory, Tender & Juicy like the Holiday Roast, but it comes with just a little bolder spice and gently hardwood smoked. Aromatic, Flavorful, Succulent AND FLAME ROASTY too.

Suppose you went camping over the holidays. Or maybe your oven broke down as ours did during our first Thanksgiving ever in our first home. Then you might have the pleasure of roasting your bird by a crackling fire. It might not be convenient, but it sure is good.

Just thinking about it, we had no choice. We felt it was time to say goodbye to overbearing and synthetic tasting smoked turkey. So we went back to the frontier a bit by cooking up some of our Holiday Roast Turkey with wood and extra spice for a distinctly southwestern feel.


Fireside Special

Fireside Roast Turkey,roasted Red Peppers, red Onion, provolone, fresh arugula, on an onion roll