Holiday Roast Beef

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More Flavor Per Pound. It's the Law.

sm_roast-beef-croppedAll-Natural and Bursting with flavor, there’s nothing boring about this roast beef. Our Holiday Roast is Extra-Savory, Aromatic, Tender & Juicy.

Choice American beef, Raised without Antibiotics, Infused with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, herbs and spices for succulence, rubbed with seasonings then perfectly roasted - with just the lightest spice crust outside and rare edge to edge. It’s like you seared it over a hardwood fire and finished it in a slow oven. This is quite simply Rare Roast Beef like you might find at one of the world’s few really great steakhouses. 

Save yourself a trip to the steakhouse (and the equivalent of a small car-payment) and get right to the celebration. Thin sliced for sandwiches? Sure. But try this sliced thicker as an entrée too. It’s Carving Quality. It’s that good.