Holiday Roast Turkey

A single turkey breast. Raised without antibiotics & no artificial ingredients.

Cooked, not processed.

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Food Should Be Real. Real Meat. Real Ingredients. Real Cookin'. Holiday Roast Turkey.

sm_holturk-croppedAll Natural. No Antibiotics. No Chemicals. No Gluten. No Nitrites. No excuses. Real turkey breast - one piece. Cooked, not processed. And the great tastes shows it!

Ever notice how other products claiming to be "all-natural" are among the most processed in the case? Not ours. This is a real roast turkey breast, extra-savory, tender and juicy.

Succulent turkey breast like you’ve dreamed it would be - naturally.

Were you lucky enough to live with a really terrific cook growing up? Or to visit with one at the holidays? Then you already know about a good holiday roast turkey breast, sliced right off the bird. Then, the joy of inventing new turkey sandwiches with the leftovers for at least a week. What if turkey could be that Holiday-great, any day of the year? With all the flavor and tenderness, but without any fuss or bother? And without any of the added water or preservatives or artificial ingredients or fine print that deli manufacturers usually use? We’ve done it.

And ever notice how big the so-called “natural turkey breast” at the supermarket is? Or how it’s shaped? How do they get that big? Or so perfectly round? When you think about it, it’s pretty clear they’re not actually growing that way. And how about the fine print where they tell you about the water, “natural juices” and preservatives they've added to their products?

Little wonder deli-counter turkey breast never tastes like you remember. Despite this, turkey has become the biggest-selling deli meat. It’s an inoffensive, flavor-neutral source of low-fat protein, but it’s hardly a savory, home-roasted bird.

We decided to see if we could do for turkey what we did with our pastrami. Go back to the old ways, and think like cooks instead of manufacturers. Say goodbye to boring, flavorless deli turkey.

We start with real turkey breast, raised without antibiotics, just one piece at a time. Each one we roast is just one side of one bird's breast. To get authentic holiday flavor, we deep-marinate the meat with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cider vinegar, herbs and spices to robustly showcase the meat's exciting natural flavor and succulence. We knew that to get a good natural color and finish we had to cook it without the bag that most brands use to hold their over-processed mess-o-chopped-meat together. After all, since we're not stuffing a bag full of multiple muscles from who-knows-where; and since we're not using a bag to create some imaginary perfect shape every time - Why cook in a bag? This is real oven-roasted Thanksgiving-style turkey.

Completely Natural. Completely Delicious!