Sabor De Habana Roast Pork


A lean, rich, juicy, and savory take on cuban-style roast pork.

Fireside-Roast-TurkeyOur single muscle bitter-orange, spice and herb marinated roast pork is a modern update on the Cuban-style Roast Pork tradition.

These roasts are trimmed ultra-clean, so they're as lean as real meat can be, BUT then we add Extra Virgin Olive Oil so they're juicy through-and-through. With bitter-orange, garlic, oregano, cumin and just a hint of cilantro, our Sabor de Habana roast pork is truly the Taste of Habana!

What makes it so special? One piece of real meat, deep-marinated in a rich mojo, then hand netted and hung for slow-roasting in our wood-burning create a roast with the soul of Caribbean SABOR. You won't find that on most Cuban-sandwiches! If you know Cuban, you'll find all the flavors you expect. And if you'r new to this treat - you'll find a new favorite. Only from NYDP.

As with all our NYDP and Carvery brand Roasts - After the best meats, the right trim, and leaving out all the extra water, we pay very close attention to the details to make the absolute best. Bite, texture, taste, aroma, and subtle spice tell the story. It costs a bit more - but then it's real food.